Certified Veterinary Assistant

A certification course for Veterinary Assistants.

Propel your team forward.

Provide your veterinary assistants the opportunity to advance their knowledge
and learn the skills needed to increase their value as a member of the veterinary practice team.
Motivate current personnel to pursue veterinary medicine as a career. Doing so results in less turnover and encourages staff to invest in your practice.
Having a Certified Veterinary Assistant as part of your medical team demonstrates to clients your practice’s commitment to training and education.
Ensure high-quality training for veterinary assistants on a flexible schedule.

A simple certification process.

A veterinarian or RVT/LVT will mentor the “student” employee throughout the program to assess and verify their skills along the way. Students in the program acquire their online education along with on-the-job practical experience and then go on to take their final examination online.

Online Education

An online course teaching veterinary assisting fundamentals.

Work Experience

On-the-job training is a crucial part of this educational program. The CVA applicant is required to accumulate on-the-floor, supervised work experience.

Skill Development

A CVA must demonstrate competency in dozens of foundational skills.


An online exam comprised of 100 randomly generated questions ensures that CVA applicants possess a sound knowledge base.

About CVA Training

The ACT Online Training program includes all of the required resources necessary to administer the Certified Veterinary Assistant program. CVA is a highly respected industry certification offered and endorsed by state Veterinary Medical Associations.

The cost per student is very reasonable when compared to similar industry certifications. Please call to add student test credits to your account prior to starting the CVA program.

CVA Certification and Online Training

Individuals Seeking CVA Training

CVA training requires a supervising veterinarian or educator and cannot be completed as an individual. Many high schools and community colleges offer CVA programs! For more information about CVA training for students and educators, visit schools.4act.com.

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