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At the heart of a veterinary practice are people who serve animals and their owners. Our passion is providing the tools and resources for veterinary professionals so they can better care for animals and effectively communicate with clients.

ACT stands for Animal Care Technologies. For over 20 years, we have empowered thousands of practices to overcome low productivity and high turnover with video-based training. Our courses are designed to develop the technical knowledge and communications skills of veterinary staff.

As the trusted leader in staff training, ACT has partnered with top veterinary experts to author and produce resources that educate and empower entire veterinary teams. Dozens of our own team members have come from the veterinary industry to offer real-world insights for our training program and support.

Veterinary medicine is an ever-evolving profession. CE through ACT / PVU provided valuable information to take back to the team so we can all continue to care for our patients and their families, all while keeping the hospital running smoothly and safely.

Danielle Atkinson
Practice Manager
ACT was founded in 1997
ACT (Animal Care Technologies) was founded in 1997
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We’ve helped over 10,000 veterinary practices
VHS tape
Our first training videos were on VHS
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We volunteer in our local community every year
We like to play volleyball at lunch

Our Team Members are Amazing

“I’m proud to be part of a company that gives veterinary practices the training solutions to help improve safety, efficiency and care for their patients.”

Content Manager

“Veterinary medicine is constantly evolving, so we’re always producing new training videos and work hard to keep our information current.”

Media Director

“I like helping veterinary employees make better connections with their clients.”

Account Manager

“We are always available to walk a customer through our training platform so they can get the most out of it.”

Customer Service Representative

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