A Complete Training Solution for Veterinary Teams.

Video courses presented by industry leading experts, speakers and consultants.

ACT Online Training is now Part of Patterson Veterinary!

Provide Medical Training and Communication Skills to Your Entire Veterinary Team!

An Annual Team Subscription Includes:

  • Unlimited access to all courses in the library
  • Courses available for every position
  • Starting with individual accounts for 10 users ( add-ons available)
  • 1 Administrator account to manage your team
  • Position-based learning paths with phase training
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Ongoing access to new courses

Practice Software Training Available as an Add-On

See what ours subscribers say about ACT Online Training

“Ongoing and effective team training makes my job easier and allows me to delegate and empower those who rise to the top.”

Charly Kronberger


“It’s great to have thorough and interesting continuing education that can be done during day-to-day life.”

Jordan Schipul

Receptionist Manager

“I would highly recommend this program to any practice that is looking for well-trained assistants.”

Angie Ziegler

Practice Manager, RVT

“I found the information and presentations to be very helpful. I have started implementing some things already!”

Melanie Humphries

Animal Hospital of Waynesboro

“This training is going enable me to better serve clients that come to the clinic. Great stuff!”

Heather Fledderus

Veterinary Technician

“These videos show you step-by-step what you need to be doing.  It’s a lot easier to understand when you can actually see the process and see what you will be doing.”

Kitty Palmer

Practice Manager at Ringgold Animal Hospital

New courses are added regularly.
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