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New Releases

Check here often for the latest and greatest animal care training from ACT! Let us know what other topics you’d like to see!

132 videos

Receptionist Skills

Receptionists are the first and last points of contact in the practice, making their communication and customer service skills a make-or-break factor in client satisfaction. Learn valuable skills here like telephone triage, handling solicitors, and dealing with an upset client.

112 videos

Kennel Attendant

Animal Health Care begins with husbandry, nutrition, proper sanitation, and disease transmission control. Don’t underestimate the importance of the foundational knowledge to be gained here.

190 videos

Veterinary Assistant Training

From medical terminology to breeds, body postures to vaccines, Veterinary Assistants have to really know their stuff. Every staff member in the hospital should understand the core concepts demonstrated here.

127 videos

Veterinary Technician Training

Vet techs are the cornerstone of the veterinary practice. A well-trained technician ensures the highest quality of care possible. Learn lab skills and surgical assisting procedures, radiology and dentistry – many of the best techs in the industry have been trained here!

81 videos

Management Resources

Managing a veterinary hospital requires specialized skills that are taught in this section by leading experts. Topics include everything from understanding financial statements to hiring and firing employees.

17 videos

Practice Tips

Leading veterinary practice consultants provide insights and ideas to improve your practice culture, training, communications, client relationships, and so much more. Check back often as this section continues to grow!

80 videos

ACT Classics

80's hair-dos and rotary phones might cause a grin or a giggle, but these classics are too good to retire. The knowledge and skills taught here is still solid despite some aging. Look for the latest and greatest versions of ACT video titles in the new releases section, and let us know what else you'd like to see in the future.





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