ACT Online

Veterinary Staff Training


Trying to build your own training materials can be time-consuming and tedious. ACT Online makes it easy, with pre-built training courses for everyone in your practice. Simply select the module suitable to your staff from beginner to expert. Training for every level and each team member, from the kennel attendant to the practice manager.


ACT training is video-based, so staff are more engaged. Titles are concise and to the point, so you don’t need to interrupt the busy practice for several hours to watch DVDs. Staff can learn at their own pace: Play, pause, and rewind.


The learning management system makes assigning and monitoring completion of training simple. Built-in testing ensures comprehension. Administrator access to monitor progress and view reports. ACT Online creates a system for accountability and measurable results you can see!

Increase Efficiency and Revenue

Empower your staff through training while increasing productivity, efficiencies, and boosting revenue. Well-trained staff waste less time, money and resources and produce higher quality work. The benefits of staff training extend to everyone in your hospital from the veterinary team straight to the patients and your clients!

  • Veterinary Foundations
  • Client Service Skills
  • Hospital Safety Training
  • Receptionist Training
  • Kennel Assistant Training
  • Vet Assistant Training
  • Technician Training
  • Practice Manager Training

Information Anytime and Anywhere

ACT Online delivers the information you want anywhere, anytime (requires a high-speed Internet connection). Clinics benefit greatly from this program because ACT Online:

  • Teaches industry standards, improving patient care
  • Reduces liability, and injury
  • Enhances client perception
  • Increases competence, motivation, and client satisfaction
  • Reduces staff turnover

Building on the skill set of your staff is one of the most important investments a clinic can make. Imagine having over a thousand easy to use training sessions available to your staff. ACT Online delivers easy to use training courses to sharpen the skills of your staff with High-Definition Training Videos,  Review Questions and Testing built-in to ensure your staff is mastering each program you assign them!





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