Video courses for veterinary teams.

Developed especially for Veterinary Support Staff by Veterinary Professionals

Empower Your Staff

Empower your staff through training while increasing productivity, efficiencies, and boosting revenue. Well trained staff waste less time, money and resources and produce higher quality work. The benefits of staff training extend to everyone in your hospital from the veterinary team straight to the patients and your clients!

Web-based Training for Vet Staff

This web-based training resource will provide a training solution for your entire practice from the front office to the exam room, the treatment area and even the kennel! ACT training is video-based, so staff are more engaged. Titles are concise and to the point, so you don’t need to interrupt the busy practice for several hours to do a great job of training!

ACT Online Training

Your Resource for Staff Training

ACT Delivers

ACT Online delivers the information you want anywhere, anytime (requires a high-speed Internet connection). Clinics benefit greatly from this program because staff members receive invaluable training the result of which is:

  • Greater proficiency and confidence
  • Improved clinical skills
  • Enhanced client perception
  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced staff turnover


  • Being so far from everything it is often hard for us to get the education we need to our staff.

    We have gone to the WSAVA (World Small Animal Veterinary Assoc) Conference the last 2 years with our staff.   In 2013 our technician staff’s abilities and general and specific knowledge were so apparent that we ended up in the New Zealand Veterinary Nurse assoc journal.   We have just returned from the 2014 conference in Cape Town and once again our staff wowed them with our abilities and knowledge.   We thank you for being a major part of the training these young island kids get.   Opportunities are not as readily available as they are for statesiders, and we have now given dozens of these young adults a career and a livelihood.  In addition one of them is in her 3rd year of vet school and 2 more are on their way.
    Almost forgot to mention that 2 our our technicians now work full time, out in the remote islands, and are providing care that was NEVER available before to such remote places.

    Joel Joseph DVM
    Micronesian Exotic Animal Specialty Services
  • “Ongoing and effective team training makes my job easier and allows me to delegate and empower those who rise to the top.”

    Charly Kronberger
    Charly Kronberger
    All Pets Animal Hospital